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And thank you for reading this message.
I'll try and explain why this page exists, and what you can expect from it!

I created this page as Proof of Concept to see how easy it would be to make data, research, and any objects in the broad sense of the word, publicly searchable from a single central point.
This is a personal incentive, not related to any institution / organisation. This service is currently totally free to use, and as long as this is feasible for me, this service will be here and will keep existing.
Hosting is paid by me personally, and development time, reponding to emails, etc. is done in my 'spare hours' (so, please be patient, I will respond to your emails).

Furthermore, I own no data of my own, nor do I have any impact on the search results you receive on the databases I link to.
I just link (deeplink) to other very important incentives. All the credit for those incentives go to those databases.
I want to thank everybody who made those websites, platforms, and other searchable sources possible, and will always reference the source of the incentive, and/or link directly to those websites.

I am strongly against any copyright infringment or any other illegal use of any available source.
I also expect that from the websites I link to and of the users of this website.

Please feel free to contact me on info at oasearch.com
  • If you have a great idea for this website!
  • If you are missing a specific great source! (please currently only 250.000+ article sources, I'm not able to add everything I want yet..., it's a 'time issue' basically...)
  • If...
  • Or, if there is any problem in any regard to illegal actions of or content on this website.
On this last subject, I want to be as transparent as I possibly can.
Therefore, please, let's get in touch if any 'negativity' on any subject exists.
I'm sure that, in the end, we all want what is best for our 'World Wide Researchers' and any other interested party's.

So, let's get in touch!


Added one new database;
  • HathiTrust Digital Library


Added one new database;


This website comes online for the first time, having the possibility to search the following databases;
  • arXiv
  • BASE
  • BioMed Central
  • Dimensions
  • DOAJ
  • Google Scholar
  • Internet Archive
  • PLOS
  • PubMed Central
  • Unpaywall
This website is just a way for me to see how easy it would be to create a centralized startpoint for searches for Open Access publications.